Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Svarte Greiner: Black Tie (Miasmah 2013)

Svarte Greiner (Erik Skodvin) just released his new album "Black Tie" on Miasmah (2012).

It is still dark, spooky and beautiful ambient, and we get two long tracks called "Black Tie" and "White Noise". The music was originally composed for an installation by the Norwegian artist Marit Følstad.

Great stuff again from Skodvin!

Over at Miasmah they describe the music like this:

'Black Tie' was the piece which ended up being used in the installation itself, and is the closest to Skodvin's established sound as it stops time around its creaking cello, plucked strings and whispering ambience. Subtle and slow, the track blooms into a skeletal cloud of radio static and distortion before sinking back down to earth on those familiar moaning strings.

With 'White Noise' however Skodvin takes us on a different journey, allowing panoramic synthesizer drones to take control while Middle Eastern strings chime in the distance. Transcendent and disarming, Skodvin manages to connect the dots between Biosphere, Thomas Koner and of course Deaf Center and still emerge with something fresh and unexpected. More than simply an accompanying work to aninstallation, 'Black Tie' is a crucial new chapter in the Svarte Greiner evolution, and one that should give a few clues as to what might come next.

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