Sunday, May 19, 2013

Michael Mantler: Many Have No Speech

Robert Wyatt has got a super pop voice, but don´t forget he´s a great vocalist in the more contemporary classical landscapes too.

Yes, of course, I have mentioned this before (see here), but it´s about time again, and today´s album is Michael Mantler: "Many have no speech" (WATT 1988).

On this one, Mantler hired three distinct voices, Robert Wyatt, Jack Bruce and Marianne Faithfull, to sing lyrics by Samuel Beckett, Ernst Meister and Philippe Soupault.
Robert Wyatt sings Soupault´s "Tant de Temps", "A l´abbatoir" and "Prisonniers", while Faithfull sings Beckett and Soupault and Bruce sings Beckett and Meister lyrics.

Michael Mantler is playing the trumpet and Rick Fenn sharp guitar, together with The Danish Radio Concert Orchestra, conducted by Peder Kragerup.

This is strong stuff, meant for concentrated listening and reading. The French and German texts are translated to English in the booklet.

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