Friday, May 3, 2013

Frode Haltli and Jon Balke

vandring from ijb on Vimeo.

kyanos from ijb on Vimeo.

IJ Biermann is still working on "Sculpting Sound", the film about Maja Ratkje, but is making portraits of other Norwegian artists too!

Check out the "still videos" with Frode Haltli and Jon Balke!

Let´s cite Biermann on the videos (from Vimeo):
Part of a series of "music video portraits" on musicians, to be put together in the end into a programme of 10-12 similar minimally visualized songs/musicians, like an album. The series will be called "Portraits". All the portraits will feature a personal song by the respective artist, with a still portrait filmed in a personal place, e.g. their appartment, if possible with a view through the window into their living surroundings.

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