Friday, May 31, 2013

Yun Kan 10 at Nattjazz

What a bunch of great Swedes! And what a concert! The stage at Bergen´s Nattjazz festival was packed when Fredrik Ljungkvist´s Yun Kan 10 played Thursday evening.
Ljungkvist guided the band through his compositions, seeming both strict and smiling, but the concert was also spiced with free form music, and then suddenly they were swinging like hell!!

Now check out this gang, and tell me you wouldn´t have loved to be there: Fredrik Ljungkvist (saxophones,clarinet), Sofia Jernberg (voc), Mats Äleklint (trombone), Per-Åke Holmlander (tuba), Klas Nevrin (p), Mattias Risberg (moog, synth), Katt Hernandez (violin), Mattias Weli (bass), Jon Fält (drums) and Raymond Strid (drums).

Yun Kan 10´s album "Ten" is out on Hoob Records (2013). Read a review over at All About Jazz.

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