Monday, May 27, 2013

Nattjazz Bergen - Sunday 26 May

Oh my, what a varied program at Nattjazz on Sunday!
I was a bit in a hurry, and a bit tired this fifth day out on the festival, so I managed only two whole concerts.

- The first one out was Arve Henriksen whith the three drummers Ingar Zach, Audun Kleive and Helge Nordbakken, and live remixer Jan Bang! Powerful and tough, but with solid doses of the trumpet playing and singing we expect from Arve Henriksen. Add visuals from Tord Knutsen and you will guess that the show was close to perfect.

- In the small USF Studio upstairs, Helge Sten and John Paul Jones of Minibus Pimps delivered a concert that might end up being mythical (if we brag abut having been there). Heavy electronics, dark ambient and rumbling noise, that almost brought the house down. It was fantastic, and I am not kidding you!
I believe they still work with the KYMA software, that they presented at PUNKT in 2011?

Later that same night John Paul Jones played mandolin with Bonnie Prince Billy and Dawn McCarthy, and not to forget Susanna Wallumrød, but at that time of night, I was on my bus.

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