Monday, August 18, 2014

Gravity At Music Meeting In Nijmegen (and Moers)

Fred Frith plays "Gravity" at Music Meeting in Nijmegen (Holland)(June 2014).
The third video contains songs that were edited out of the two first ones, and you get some extra material too.
Read more about it on YouTube.

The Gravity Band is: Fred Frith conductor/guitar/bass, Aaron Novik clarinet, Dominique Leone keyboards, Kaethe Hostetter violin, Kasey Knudsen sax, Marië Abe accordeon, Jon Leidecker samples, Ava Mendoza guitar, Lisa Mezzacappa bass, Jordan Glenn drums, William Winant percussion, Myles Boisen sound engineer.

And since you are all in a Frith mood now, you just have to watch the "Gravity" performance at Moers (July 2014) too!
I have not been able to embed it, so run on over here please!

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