Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Meshes of Voice

Hoy! You better get Jenny Hval & Susanna´s album "Meshes of Voice" (SusannaSonata 2014) right away!
This is a breathtaking album with beautiful songs, it´s spiked with noise elements and best of all - it´s a bit spooky too.

You probably know Susanna Wallumrød and Jenny Hval already, but please note that this commissioned work for Ladyfest was performed and recorded at Henie Onstad Arts Center (Oslo) with Anita Kaasbøll and Jo Berger Myhre in 2009. Not that five years is such a long time, but it does not seem dated. Jenny Hval used to perform as Rockettothesky around that time.

No plans for release on vinyl I hear, but order the CD from, and read more over there.

Great cover design too, with art by Norwegian artist Arne Bendik Sjur (graphics, etchings).

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