Monday, February 16, 2015

Anla Courtis and Bergen Impro Storband

Saturday evening I attended a concert at the Bergen Kjøtt venue, where Anla Courtis and the "Bergen Impro Big Band" did a "guitar special" inside an art exhibition.

I love to listen to music this way. Audiences walking around watching pieces of art, and still concentrating on the music.

This night the musicians where placed far from each other in the the big industrial rooms, taking turns playing solos, duos and trios (noise, ambient, rock). The last piece was called "Tutti Feed" on the setlist, and it sure was massive!

Sorry I don´t know the names of all the musicians here (some quite young guys too) but it´s John Hegre and Anla Courtis on the two first photos.

And since Saturday was Valentine´s Day, some even had equipment perfect for this romantic day (last photo).

Added 21 February:

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