Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Life of a Song: I’m a Believer

The Life of a Song: ‘I’m a Believer’
David Cheal
Financial Times
27 February 2014

"Wyatt’s version was a triumph, and showed that it was not always essential to have written a song for it to be authentic, personal and emotional".

Added 1 March after comment on access problems:

It seems like you have to sign up to be able to read 3 articles for free pr month.


Unknown said...

It's a pity you have to pay to see the page.

Arie van der Weert

Svenn said...

Oops! I could read it yesterday, but not now. It seems like it is possible to sign up to read 3 articles free pr month.

Svenn said...

And thanks for the comment Arie. I´ll add a note into the blog post

Phonemes said...
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