Friday, February 13, 2015

Lucky Fish: Maria Due (RRM 2015)

In December we had a blog post on the Norwegian singer Maria Due and her version of Van der Graaf Generator´s "My Room, My Waiting For Wonderland".

Today i finally got my vinyl version of the album, and it seems like the band is called Lucky Fish and the title of the album is "Maria Due"!

As if it matters! This is a great collection and a strange mix of cover songs. How about songs by (among others) The Cure ("Fire in Cairo" here), Young Rascals, Canned Heat and Roger Whitaker (!) appearing on the same platter?
And starting the whole party; a fine version of Robert Wyatt´s "Alliance".

The band is: Maria Due (voc), Martin Viktor Langlie (dr, perc), Marita Vårdal Igelkjønn (keyb), Eirik Øyen (b), Hans Petter Gundersen (g, prod.) and Bård Ingebrigtsen (g, prod.), with Tore Bereczky playing harmonica on two Canned Heat songs.

The album is on Amazon and iTunes, and probably in some good record shops.

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