Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Almost Wyatt news

David Bowie is back on track. Ghasp!! All of a sudden!

Check out "Where are we now" and the video over at his new site (or on Vimeo).
There are already lots of copies on YouTube, but since he obviously don´t want it embedded here, and it´s his birthday (66) today (congrats!!), I´ll be a good boy.

The album "The Next Day" will be out in March.

I like the new song, and I see that lots of people on Twitter think it reminds them of Robert Wyatt! What do you think?

But even a cool guy like Bowie makes mistakes! In the video he is wearing a T-shirt with the words "m/s Song of Norway" printed on the front. The man will be bothered by Norwegian journalists until he is 70! At least!

Since we are always hunting for all kinds of news on Robert Wyatt, I´m happy to say I have listened to Viv Albertine´s (remember The Slits?) new album "The Vermillion Border" today. Robert Wyatt is mentioned among lots of other characters/characteristics on the track "Still England".

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