Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nico: Facing the Wind - The Marble Index Trilogy

Let me suggest you visit The Quietus for Mathew Lindsay´s article "Nico: Facing the Wind - The Marble Index Trilogy".

Here are the three dark albums:
"The Marble Index" (1968)
"Desertshore" (1970)
"The End" (1974)

In the video above you will hear "My only child" and "All that is my own", from the movie "La cicatrice intérieure" (1970) by Philippe Garrel. Watch the whole film over here if you dare. Pretty far out, as they used to say!

And since Nico is the topic of the day, the full "Nico Icon" (S. Ofteringer 1995) is out there too.

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