Saturday, January 12, 2013

At Last I Am Free

Check out George Chesterton´s blog post in The Guardian 10 January 2013:
"Old music: Robert Wyatt – At Last I Am Free - In which a hero of the English counterculture embraces the hedonistic disco of Chic, and plays a blinder".

Robert Wyatt´s version of "At last I am free" is probably streamed close to everywhere (?)(and you may hear Wyatt here and Chic´s original here too), but if you want it on record, you may find the song several places. On the pictures are some of them (see if you find more here):

"At last I am free/Strange fruit" (7" Rough Trade 1980)
"Robert Wyatt" (Rough Trade - Italy - 1981)
"Nothing can stop us" (+/- "Shipbuilding") (Rough Trade 1982, and later on CD and LP)
"His greatest misses" (Hannibal - Japan - 2004)

I´m not sure how Robert Wyatt feels about this, but George Chesterton writes: "Wyatt is one of the great heroes of British counterculture, like a cross between an old English sheepdog and Pan".

Album covers: Alfreda Benge.

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