Monday, January 28, 2013

Das schlafende Mädchen

It seems like Robert Wyatt has been working on the soundtrack for Rainer Kirberg´s film "Das schlafende Mädchen" that was released a couple of days ago(IMDB on the film).

Info from YouTube:

"For our cinema release of The Sleeping Girl in Germany we composed a new soundtrack!

Especially for the new soundtrack, we founded the project Sleeping Men. It consists of electronic music producer and composer Daniel Paul Behnemann (founder of Berlin House label Cabinet Records), co-producer and music publisher Tøni Schifer (Crippled Dick Hot Wax) and director Rainer Kirberg. Further leading composers were Sascha Gottschalk (Pulsar Mod Club / Thief) and Moritz Reichelt (Der Plan), important protagonist of German New Wave (Neue Deutsche Welle).

With Karl Blake (Shock Headed Peters), another influencial musician contributed to the project's anchoring in an important era of pop history. Finally, the legendary Robert Wyatt (The Soft Machine) strongly supported the musical bridge into the early 1970s".

And a Happy 68th birthday to Robert Wyatt today!

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