Monday, January 21, 2013

ONJ in Australia

Orchestre National de Jazz have played "Around Robert Wyatt" at four concerts in Australia lately.

What better then, than to remind you of the album "Around Robert Wyatt" (2009), where several vocalists sang the Songs of Robert Wyatt. It´s on Spotify, if you want to check it out.

Except for a visit from Rokia Traore, who visited Sydney to do other jobs at Sydney Festival 2013, all vocals (including Robert Wyatt´s) were pre-recorded.

I would have loved to see how these ghost singers were doing it live, but still haven´t found any videos.

The Age (17 January) writes about a show in "Band backs pioneer Wyatt, its absent friend", The Sydney Morning Herald (21 January) reviews one here and The Au Review has got a nice review, with a nod to Antoine Carlier for great videos, and some ranting too! Way to do it!

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