Monday, September 8, 2008

Bobby sails the cat..

"Worlds of possibility" publish a piece on High Llamas, with Sean O'Hagan interviewed, originally printed in Signal To Noise (#45 2007). Here we get to know that "Sailing Bells" fra "Can Cladders" (2007) comes with a tribute to Robert Wyatt.
"“Sailing Bells”, with its chorus cascade of rich harmony - almost like a folk music round - and gentle spider’s-web strings, pays homage to another of O’Hagan’s heroes, Robert Wyatt. “Yeah, there’s a tribute to Robert Wyatt in the second verse,” O’Hagan explains, “where the lyric goes ‘Bobby sails the cat / Down the Medway flats / Like a freeform not far from the land / Sailing bells are hung / Brushes on the drum / And the free men of Canterbury play / And the cat moves on down the Medway’. That is basically, I dunno, that’s more just about Canterbury in the 1970s being the hub, the Canterbury scene. I was trying to capture the scene, of these hippie guys making their music, Soft Machine, Hatfield And The North. For some reason, I put them on a boat. And of course, ‘Bobby sails the cat…’ is Robert Wyatt.”

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