Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A couple of old recordings

I concentrate on the official output of my favourite artists recordings, but let me at least point you in the right direction to some "secret" stuff.
Hal blogged a recording from of WMWM (Wyatt,Mc Rae,Windo,Matthewson) (London 1973). This is Gary Windo - tenor sax, Dave MacRae - piano, electric piano, Robert Wyatt - drums, voice and Ron Mathewson - double bass.
He also blogs a recording of Soft Machine from Breda (Netherland), and I'm particularly interested in track 08/disc 2: "Robert Wyatt explains to the audience why they don't do encores".


Anonymous said...

Hi Svenn, yeah the secret recordings... Do you have any idea, where we can get the first concert of the Soft Machine Trio Line-Up w/Hugh Hopper on 18-Feb-1969 at Royal Hall Hall, London ???

Svenn said...

No, sorry. Closest perhaps: