Saturday, September 13, 2008

Puma live in Bergen

The Norwegian powernoise trio Puma played Bergen Jazz Forum Friday night. They are Stian Westerhus (guitar and electronics), Øystein Moen (keyboards) and Gard Nilssen (drums). Puma improvised and made noise for about 60 minutes, and it was pretty tough material, with a few electronic pling plong breaks. I think they're coolest with a bit of rock in them, but can stand the rest too.
When the concert was scheduled to start, we were 5 people in the audience, but we ended up being around 50 I think. I have to admit I was one of three persons who had bought their tickets in advance! Feeling a bit old, yes.
svennejanson uploaded a couple of short videos from the concert, but be warned, this is not HiFi.

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