Monday, September 8, 2008


New and fresh, every time! Do you get tired of your records? You might want to try K-Space's "Infinity" (AD HOC, 2008). This record is a CD-ROM, and remixes it self every time you put it in your PC or Mac! K-Space is Gendos Chamzyryn, Tuva, Siberia: vocals, percussion, amplified doshpulur, piano, cello, Tim Hodgkinson, England (ex Henry Cow): lap steel guitar, klarnet, electronics, alto saxophone and Ken Hyder, Scotland: drums, vocals, amplified ektara, sampling, electronics.
In The Herald's "The Guide" (6 September 2008) I read that Ken Hyder replaced Robert Wyatt in the free jazz/impro-band The Amazing Band, and Wyatt seems to like Hyder very much (if I manage to find that piece again, I'll link to it. Promise.).

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