Monday, September 29, 2008

Thomas Watkiss

Lydgalleriet in Bergen(the Sound Gallery) invited to a Sunday matiné in their loft yesterday. Thomas Watkiss did a concert for a small gathering of listeners, and we even got a CD and several glasses of wine on the ticket. He did a kind of ambient, droning electronica, (don't ask!), with lots of found sounds (church bells, birds, water, real instruments (!) and so on). This gallery has got a wicked sound system, and the whole building was shaking from time to time. You should have been there, sitting on pillows on the floor and drinking wine (it's damned hard to rise after one hour, for some of us older people). Listen to Watkiss on MySpace.
So far a great Sunday evening. What happened next was that I suddenly realized that the home team (Brann) had played a game against Lyn (Oslo), and the fans must have hijacked my bus. At least it never showed up in the rain.

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