Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Terry Pratchett: Nation

Finally a book again in the blog! Terry Pratchett has written another great story. "Nation" (Doubleday 2008) is a book for young adults, or not! If you are older than 10 years, read it. We are not on Discworld this time, but in a parallel Universe (?) where we experience a big tsunami, a desert island story, thoughts on religion, imperialism, greed, violence, beer drinking and love, all served with Pratchett's dry wit.
I've seen people claim that they are able to spot the author's Alzheimer in his writing skills, but forget that, and wish for more books from Pratchett. You might instead even read the Alzheimer into the story, and it's tale about loss (if you have to, that is!). Read some proper reviews in Times Online and The Guardian.
Next books on the reading list:
"The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld" with Stephen Briggs (Doubleday 2007).
"The Folklore of Discworld" with the folklorist Jaqueline Simpson (Doubleday 2008).

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