Sunday, October 19, 2008

David Lynch and The Who

Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF) is happening right now, and yesterday i saw "David Lynch - One Night Stand". The show was in three parts, with "Lynch 2", "Interview Project" and "David Lynch's Cooking Show".
"Lynch 2" is part two of a documentary about the making of "Inland Empire" (part 1 was shown on BIFF last year). After seeing the documentary, you might understand why Lynch's movies end up being the way they are.
In the "Interview Project" Lynch's people have been traveling around small town USA, interviewing ordinary people. The interviews we were shown were just great, and touching too. I think all of them (a total of more than 300?) will be published on the internet.
And finally, Jamie and Nigella better start preparing a new career. "David Lynch's Cooking Show" will blow all other chefs away. In this one Lynch describes in detail ("Now I'm going to get some fresh water. Now I'm going to find a spoon".) how he cooks quinoa, broccooli and sea salt. "Damn! This is so gooood!". (Part two of the programme here).

I also saw "Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who". The Who was never quite my band, but the film is OK, and you get some very nice old footage. One of the best ones you may watch below. Keith Moon is testing out some fireworks, and the host of the show is not really relaxed, is he?

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