Friday, October 31, 2008

If you are jumping from joy, and feel a little embarrassed because of that, try Bohren & Der Club of Gore. This music will get you down to earth. It runs slowly, like a deep and dark river. Quite nice really! The last album is called "Dolores" (Pias 2008), and the band is Thorstein Benning, Christoph Clöser, Morten Gass and Robin Rodenberg.
I borrowed both "Dolores" and "Geisterfaust" (2005) from a friend, and have to say "Geisterfaust" is even darker (but the titles are a nice course in German: Zeigefinger, Daumen, Ringfinger, Mittelfinger og Kleiner Finger). This is perhaps not the best music if you are already depressed.

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**β i Я_tual...! said...

embarrased of joy... hehe

I havent listened to these ones, but I love Sunset Mission and Black Earth. You said, a dark deep river.... what a perfect image for this music.
It is so slow, and soothing, but emotional at the same time.