Friday, October 17, 2008

Find a treasure

Seek out the St. Thomas box from Racing Junior, in stores now (at least in Norway). Thomas Hansen (Saint Thomas, St. Thomas) died last year, only 31 years old. Buy the box, and support the work for better psychiatric health care for young people.
You get a double "best of + rarities"-CD called "You May Find A Treasure Everywhere" (may be bought separately), a double tribute album, a DVD with videos (hardly Oscar material, but great fun) and a small book in Norwegian called "Kåntri og western bok". The songs are sad and strange, and I hereby classify them as lo-fi freak folk country.
St. Thomas sings "There's only one of me", and perhaps one of him was enough, but he should have stayed here so much longer.
Check out this site later, for ordering: (should in theory be working in October).

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