Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Soft Machine in Norway in 1971 (again!)

I've mentioned Lasse Marhaug's commissioned work for The Henie Onstad Arts Center a couple of times, and here we go again. I found an old article (5 April 2008) on Marhaug's work in the paper version of the Norwegian newspaper "Dagsavisen" today, and of course it lists a lot of the interesting recordings Marhaug could use (Reich, Cage, Stockhausen and more), among them Soft Machine's concert from 1971. I'll translate as best I can what Lars Finborud from the Henie Onstad Center says:"Several times every month we get mails from fans and collectors who want the recording of the Soft Machine concert with Robert Wyatt" (well, he calls it Robert Wyatt's band, but let's not push it!). The answer unfortunately is that they can not help at all. I guess copyright holders may do something after long fights, but the museum are "not even allowed to bring the tapes outside the house". So stop bothering the man.

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