Monday, October 20, 2008

Harlan Ellison

Sunday I watched "Dreams with Sharp Teeth – A Film About Harlan Ellison" at The Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF). I only knew Harlan Ellison from the book "Deathbird stories", but I guess I have to buy some more books by the man, and I will pay for them. Festival boss Tor Fosse told the audience that the BIFF festival had invited Ellison to visit the festival, but he couldn't make it this time. I would have liked to see the persons with the courage to ask him questions after the film, Ellison seemed to hate being around stupid people wanting autographs and a chat, and listen to me: never talk to this guy when he's trying to take a leak!
Director Erik Nelson has got good taste, and picked Richard Thompson to make the soundtrack. Nelson produced Werner Herzog's "Grizzly Man", where Thompson also did the soundtrack.

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