Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Was A King

I Was A King were hailed as kings, with rave reviews, when the self titled album hit the shops in Norway this Monday. It's a great pop album with 15 tracks, and only one of them more than three minutes long. Post rock, shoegazer, noisepop, the 60s, you name it. I think I hear both The Posies and Jesus & Mary Chain in there, and the rest of the reference book too. It might not be the world's best album after some thought, but when you're released on "Hype City", you got to live up to it. Sufjan Stevens and Gary Olson are on it too. The track named "Norman Bleik" might be misspelled of course, but "bleik" is "pale" in Norwegian.
Cover: Rune Mortensen.

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Bjørn K. said...

"Norman Bleik" pays homage to the member of Teenage Fanclub (Norman Blake), obviously a huge influence on the band.