Friday, January 2, 2009


"Money Will Ruin Everything 2" (Rune 2008) is in the house, and what a nice package it is. Here we get photographs of Kim Hiorthøy's covers for the company and 2 CDs placed in what look like a couple of Hiorthøy posters. (I will look at the posters the day I feel ready to fold them back together again the right way! I'm not a big fan of maps).

The texts (not too much to read, to be honest with you):
-Kim Hiorthøy interviews Rune Kristoffersen in February 2008.
-Kim Hiorthøy's interview with Rune Kristoffersen in the first edition of MWRE (Rune 2003).
-"Hello Rune", a short "hello" from Geoff Travis.
-"Rune Grammofon Essay" by David Fricke.
-"Rune Grammofon: A Radical Co-Ordination" by Rob Young.
-"Record covers made out of shower curtains; Lee Marvin; and the enchanted domain of pop" by Adrain Shaugnessy.

The two CDs (called "But the music will go on forever") contain a lot of new material, but I wouldn't have minded if they printed quite clearly on the covers what was new, and what records the other tracks were taken from. There are live recordings from Humcrush, Huntsville, Ultralyd & N-Ensemble, Food/Nils Petter Molvær, Shining (King Crimsons "21st Century Schizoid Man"!) and Alog/Spunk. See list of all tracks here.

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