Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Sweetest Girl

First I have to admit something to all of you: I have not even heard a single one of John Peel's radio programs! They didn't reach me here on the harsh coasts of Norway. There, it's out.

I've been buying records with Robert Wyatt for around 35 years, and I have to admit that I sometimes wonder if I need the same song on another disc. And then we're back to Peel, who played Wyatt, as we all know. "Right Time, Wrong Speed" is a collection of bands Peel played, and who later turned famous or was forgotten. Scritti Politti is here with "The Sweetest Girl" from "Songs to remember" (Rough Trade 1982). Robert Wyatt played piano on this one (just called Robert on the sleeve), but the version on this collection seems to be from 2001. It might be a new version without Wyatt, and you won't find it on "Une Discographie de Robert Wyatt". Any Scritti Politti fans who can help out?

Peel portrait:Sir Peter Blake.

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