Saturday, January 3, 2009


I started to feel a bit up to date after subscribing to eMusic, and suddenly Spotify is the hottest place to be. You may subscribe to a premium deal, or be invited by one who has got such a deal. I was invited by a friend, and have just started to use Spotify.
You'll find more music than you really need (as in all shops), but not all your artists. I checked some of "my artists" and was quite happy with the amount of music by Richard Thompson, John Cale and Peter Brötzmann, but disappointed on Robert Wyatt's behalf! Searching for Maja Ratkje I got this reaction: "Did you mean Mama Rattle?".
Spotify is just for listening, not downloading, and they make "radio programs" for you if you like to sit back and let other people choose for you.
Anyone out there who love or hate Spotify?

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Anonymous said...

sad that a cultural icon like Robert Wyatt is not represented suitably. listening to Cukooland as I type.