Monday, January 5, 2009

Retorna una leyenda

Spanish "La Vanguardia" (4 January 2009) presents Robert Wyatt on a full page. Wish I could read it, but it looks like the usual presentation of his solo albums. You may read some of it for free here.

French Le Mague writes about Magma (the band I guess), and Robert Wyatt and Daevid Allen end up in the piece too. I just have to realize that Google Translate can't hide the fact that I should have worked harder in school, and chosen languages instead of chemistry and biology.


**β i Я_tual...! said...

couldnt checked the entire article, seems i should pay to read it entirely.... but what i could see goes more less like this:
A Legend is back
The ethereal and “thoughly”(?) tender voice of RW is back. The label Domino reedits 9 records that represent well part of the british muscician’s work, frequently considered genius since 1974 year in which he published Rock Bottom. This recovery includes some novelties, in addition to the CDs (including live Drury Lade 1974) they will edit in vinyl with unreleased extras those records that were originally edited as CDs. Wyatt’s music is a melodic and experimental synthesis in which jazz, blues, pop, inian and Cuban music coexist. What follows is a guide in four notes for new and not so new generations. The legend and Venice. Others had their final overdoses. Wyatt had survived his tragedy and moves with his wheelchair since he falled down a fourth floor in 1973 during a party. He explains that he was so drunk that confused a door with a window. He exposed himself to people like Keith Moon who used to take off the sweet flavour of a cocktail with a salty tequila and so on to the end of the night. “he took me down the happy stairs to hell, going down several steps at a time” said Wyatt recently. The legend says that the intensity of Rock Bottom is fruit of that accident. The truth is that RW composed the album before flying down and falloing from that floor, in solitude, with a toy keyboard, sourrounded by the waters of Venice while his wife and lyricist Alfie was working in the movie Don’t look now. . From that album he started a new life, that’s true, a life musically much better than the earlier psicodelia of soft machine and following Matchin mole....

Svenn said...

Hey - that was quick :-)