Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Even more Meltdown

And here is another recording of Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra on YouTube (with Robert Wyatt). It's the same song as in this blog post. Let's have some more reviews too:
"Cool head in a maeltsrom" from Financial Times 22. juni.
"Summer meltdown" from In League With Paton.

I somtimes wonder if I really should help spreading all those recordings from YouTube. The quality is often so bad, that it's not really fair towards the musicians, but we are fans of course, and we want it all! Most people who watch the videos will know this, and hopefully several will buy sound files, records, DVDs and visit concerts. This is at least a good or bad excuse for putting stuff on the net.
Believe me, I follow some rules here in Robert Wyatt and Stuff! I never link to sound files with music that may be bought through regular channels, and I never (at least I think so) show videos that are obviously taken from new material and easy to buy (even if Robert Wyatt is on them!). Let's just mention Recommended's Henry Cow box as an example.

So what do you think? Should I be even more careful, or am I a coward already?


Erroneus said...

just relax, there are absolutely no post to complain for an artist in your beautiful and loyal blog. You're doing a very good work. and thanks for all your efforts

Svenn said...

Hey, thanks a lot! That profile picture really makes me relax :-)