Tuesday, June 2, 2009


One of the bands i missed at the Nattjazz festival was GammalGrass (I just heard their sound check for an OiOi performance) ("Gammal" = Old). This is a trio with Stian Carstensen of Farmers Market fame (banjo, accordion), Ola Kvernberg (fiddle) and Andreas Amundsen (bass). They seem to play a hot mix of country, bluegrass, folk and rock covers. Check out their MySpace site and see the videos there. You'll find a pretty strange cover of Green Days' "Basket Case" and the hysterical "archive material" shown in this blog post. This is supposedly recorded on the west coast of Norway in 1967, but the musicians look quite familiar I think (Kvernberg and Carstensen). Each man his own rhythm!

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