Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some news the short way

-Thomas Dolby namedrops Robert Wyatt in The Quietus.
- The Green Pajamas: "Poison in the Russian Room". "More importantly and wonderfully evoked is the genius of Robert Wyatt. It’s his solo career that gets referenced here, where beauty and oddity come together. There are languid, flowing and ultimately peaceful moments on Poison in the Russian Room that the Green Pajamas have visited before but never so expertly captured. Like Wyatt, they use not only the history of its own beloved rock music but delve into jazzy interludes laced with cultures from around the world". Read more at PopMatters.
- Glenn Max from London’s Southbank Centre (Meltdown organizer) interviewed in FT.com. He has shared a sofa with Wyatt!
- The Guardian: John Cale represents Wales at the Biennale in Venice.
- Maja Ratkje made music for an opera called "Korall Koral", for children 0-3 years old.

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