Thursday, June 4, 2009

Robert Wyatt box set

Robert Wyatt
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NME (and several others) got news today about a Robert Wyatt box set, containing all studio albums and "EPs" (Domino). Do we hope for extra material, so we just have to buy the albums once more? Yes! This is in the box:

'Rock Bottom' (1974)
'Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard' (1975)
'Nothing Can Stop Us' (1981)
'Old Rottenhat' (1985)
'Dondestan Revisited' (1991/1998)
'Shleep' (1997)
'EPS' (1998)
'Cuckooland' (2003)
'Robert Wyatt & friends, Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8th September 1974' (2005)
'Comicopera' (2007)

Oh, here is Domino's info. Looks like no extra material, but a nice box with new illustrations by Alfie. 60 GBP + postage (and taxes in some countries!).


Anonymous said...

Hi Svenn,

are the Domino remasters worth to rebuy the Wyatt catalogue for a 3rd time (I have most on vinyl and CD)
And do you know, why "End of an ear" is not included?

Joe B.

Svenn said...

Hello. When it comes to remastering and sound qualities and stuff like that, I'm not the right person to ask. Even if I spend most of my time and money on music, I'm usually quite satisfied with the "sound" on records and downloads (no pirate material here). Same with beer. I like'em all :-)
I went for the new vinyl editions with extra material (and it was nice with some size on the covers again).
I just think "Rock bottom" is considered the right place to start.