Wednesday, June 3, 2009

JazzNorway in a Nutshell 2009

Now you may read John Kelman's story from Nattjazz and "JazzNorway in a Nutshell 2009" in AllAboutJazz. Pity none of them seem to have recorded Kjetil Møster's solo performance from the buffet and put it on YouTube!

As if this was not enough, see also Peter Margasak's "Norwegian Jazz Report" from a Chicago Reader blog.


John Kelman said...

Thanks for posting this! My review of the 2010 edition of JazzNorway in a Nutshell and Natt Jazz is up this morning at AllAboutJazz. Enjoy!

Svenn said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting. I´ll just have to blog the new piece too then :-). I´m sorry I didn´t know about the 1982 concert at Ulriken, three of Bergen´s best there.