Saturday, September 12, 2009

Contemporary folk noise?

I missed this album when it was released this spring, but I am glad I have found UTE (AIMSoundCity 2009) now. "Ute" is "out" in Norwegian, and that might be a proper title for an album with track names meaning lawn, sandals, garden tools and the weather.
Here you get noise and contemporary musicians making some very exciting music. After I first heard a Norwegian folk song sung at the end of the track "Hageredskap" (that is "garden tools"), i suddenly started hearing flutes and string instruments used in folk music too, but this may all be my fault of course.
The cover (designed by Lasse Marhaug) also points to traditional folk music, or at least the folk cliché.
These fine musicians are on the album: Lene Grenager, John Hegre, Harad Fetveit and Else Olsen S. I really liked this one!

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