Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gunhild Seim

From time to time we have some discussion on why there are so few female instrumentalists in Norwegian jazz. We have lots of great female vocalists and male instrumentalists, and don´t ask me why. Even so, I have missed Gunhild Seim, until I visited Free Jazz. Now I am the proud owner of the albums Gunhild Seim "Time Jungle" (2007) and Gunhild Seim & Time Jungle "Morpho" (2009) on Drollehålå Records (try to pronounce that!).
The musicians on "Morpho" are Gunhild Seim (trumpet), Arild Hoem (alto saxophone), John Lilja (bass) and Dag Magnus Narvesen (drums), with Odd Børge Sagland on marimba and percussion. On "Time Jungle" Seim, Lilja and Narvesen are joined by Allan Viger (guitar) and Andrew d’Angelo (alto saxophone and bass clarinet).
People seem to call it chamber jazz, but I like it. Seim says in the Norwegian magazine Ballade, that she is inspired by (among others) Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry. I love these albums, you buy "Morpho" if you settle for one of them.
Both albums may be bought on iTunes and eMusic.

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