Saturday, September 5, 2009


You might want to know about the Norwegian trio ÉnÉnÉn (meaning something like OneOneOne). The first time I heard about them was yesterday, so you won´t be far behind there. By luck I ended up at a very good concert in the Bergen shop Robot just minutes before Michael Francis Duch (bass), Tor Haugerud (drums) and Eirik Hegdal (sax/clarinet,) started playing. Google these guys and bands like Zanussi Five, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Lemur will pop up. This music is not easy to classify, but there are elements of both jazz and contemporary classical, and free impro and so on. Hell, I´ll call it jazz.
They haven´t recorded any material yet as ÉnÉnÉn, but now you´ll be in a position to tell your friends that of course you have heard about this band, when the album finally arrives. Of course!

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Anonymous said...

Record is coming soon :)