Tuesday, September 1, 2009

John Zorn

I seldom play an album as many times as I have played John Zorn´s
"O´o" (Tzadik 2009) the first days after the purchase. This album, named after and extinct Hawaiian bird, flies with the help of Cyro Baptista (perc), Joey Baron (dr), Trevor Dunn (b), Marc Ribot (g), Jamie Saft (p, org) and Kenny Wollesen (vibes). "Miller´s Crake" swings so nicely, "Po ´o´uli" takes me to a bird forest , "Laughing Owl" makes me smile, "Little Bittern" rocks along with some great guitar playing and the organ on "Zapata Rail" is awesome. What a nice late summer and autumn soundtrack.

Read more about the hard working (no television!) John Zorn at JazzTimes. I like his attitude towards different kinds of music! "It’s not a matter of having a short attention span, it’s a matter of living in today’s world and being a curious, creative, open-minded, intelligent individual who appreciates greatness for its own sake without putting it into any kind of academic or cultural box".

See and hear John Zorn, Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed in a video recorded 13 August 2009.

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