Monday, September 21, 2009

Robert Wyatt Doctor Honoris Causa

Robert Wyatt, Archie Shepp, Anthony Braxton, Arvo Pärt, Dick Annegarn, Frederic Rzewski and the late Henri Posseur received the insignia of Doctor Honoris Causa at the University of Liège (Belgium) 17 September 2009.

Picture #1: Robert Wyatt, Dick Annegarn, Anthony Braxton, Archie Shepp.
Picture #2: Robert Cailliau, Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Wyatt.
Picture #3: Dick Annegarn, Robert Wyatt and Anthony Braxton.
Picture #4: Front: R.Wyatt A Braxton, Frederic Rzewski, representative of the late Henri Pousseur.
Back R.Cailliau, T Berners-Lee, Dick Annegarn, Archie Shepp, Arvo Pärt, The Recteur of the University of Liège University of Liège
Picture # 5: Arvo Pärt having a nice cup of tea.

All pictures by Alfreda Benge. Lots of thanks!


Aad van Nieuwkerk said...

It was a wonderful occasion. We were lucky to be able to take pics, shoot some video, and have an audio capture of the evening concert as well. Check another picture here

Svenn said...

Hey. Thanks! Listening to "Wyatt & Jazz" now while working. I'll Link to it later :-

Andrés López Umaña said...

Great blog, congratulations!
If you read spanish, I've written a little apology of our common hero!
Greetings from Chile

Svenn said...

Thanks. I´ll use Google translate, and see how far I get :-)