Monday, October 4, 2010

Eldbjørg Raknes: Sense

Eldbjørg Raknes´new album is here, and it´s called  "Sense" (My Recordings 2010). On her previous record "From frozen feet heat came" (2008),  Stian Westerhus and Eirik Hegdal were important parts of the sound, but on "Sense" Eldbjørg Raknes´voice is the main component.
The record has two longer peaces (well, the album is not more than 35 minutes all in all), "Close To" (1-5) and "Far From" (1-5), and the final track "All Right, Alive". On Close To 4 we get some heavy rhythms, but the rest of the album is Eldbjørg´s vocals (sometimes layer upon layer) and a bit of percussion.

This is music for active listening. Used as background music or on the iPod on a noisy bus it will just be irritating, but play loud and listen! The great voice and the album´s great sound will satisfy your ears.

Co producer: Stian Westerhus.

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