Saturday, October 2, 2010


Look out for the band Møster! They played their first concert at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival earlier this year, and hit Bergen Jazzforum hard yesterday.  You may blame: Kjetil Møster (saxophone), Ståle Storløkken  (keyboards), Nikolai Hengsle Eilertssen (bass) and Kenneth Kapstad (drums).
Møster plays Coltrane inspired jazz, contemporary classical and is even in Datarock, and the other guys  play in  Supersilent (Storløkken), Elephant 9 (Eilertsen, Storløkken) and  Motorpsycho (Kapstad), and the music they make may sound like a mix of the mentioned bands (no, I won´t try to explain!).

Yesterday they seemed to scare the audience a bit during the first part of the concert, but I blame the DJ (DJ Rotekopf he calls himself) for this. He chose to play the theme from "Colargol" just before the band entered the stage, so we were all in some kind of children´s TV mood.


amnesy said...

the picture is nice but i could get no sound at all

Svenn said...

No sounds from me, just info :-)