Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mp3, CD, CD + DVD, Dobbel LP

I have already posted (of course!) the new album by Wyatt/Atzmon/Stephen (Domino 2010), so here is just a reminder that you may want to buy more than one version of it!
You can get the CD and mp3, but also a double vinyl LP (with download voucher), where Alfie´s cover art is at it´s best, and it is also available as a limited edition package with CD and DVD (now, how limited, I don´t know). The DVD is a film made by Tali Atzmon, where we see the musicians during rehearsals and recordings.
The record is (as we all know) called ".. for the ghosts within" and the movie "The Muses Within". The movie is really great, and I hope they upload it for all the interested fans to see, when the special edition is sold out.
I know it´s out there, hidden on Vimeo!

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