Saturday, October 9, 2010

Number 100 from Rune Grammofon

I already bragged about my copy of the jubilee box from Rune Grammofon, but let´s not forget that you also may buy  the sampler "Twenty centuries of stony sleep" without getting the whole box!
You already know of course, but here is the proof that  Rune is a killer company, with great musicians. You meet several of them quite often in this blog, like Maja Ratkje, Stian Westerhus and Supersilent. They deliver the goods on this album too, but check it out and you will hear a fine mix of beautiful songs (Hilde Marie Kjersem, Jenny Hval, In The Country), improv-noise-elektronica (Ultralyd, Puma, Deathprod), piano jazz (Espen Eriksen Trio) and rock (Low Frequency in Stereo, Bushman´s Revenge).
I have to count Alog among the rockers here, doing a post punk song called "My card is 7".

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