Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ultralyd: "Inertiadrome" (Rune 2010)

Ultralyd´s new album "Inertiadrome" is out on Rune Grammofon. Kjetil Møster (sax), Anders Hana (guitar, synth), Kjetil Brandsdal (bass) and Morten Olsen (drums, vibraphone) make heavy industrial rock. I only see shipyards and large halls full of machines, when Brandsdal´s rock steady bass is pumping from the speakers, and he and the rest of the crew make a (quite monotonous) soundtrack to some imaginary film about industry, or the fall of the industry.
I´m sorry I went a bit off the track here, but just count it as another recommendation

I´m usually not too focused on sound quality, but here it struck me, that this must be quite good. Recorded and mixed by Jørgen Træen at Duper Studios (Bergen).

If this is not too much for you, look for a new 12", probably on sale at concerts, and probably released later. I really don´t know, but I´ve been lucky,  and have received a copy with silvery cover, and two tracks, recorded by the same mr Træen at Duper.

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