Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Robert Wyatt, Gilad Atzmon and Ros Stephen are more than ready with their new album "For the ghosts within" (Domino 2010).
We get some new songs, written by Alfreda Benge with Stephen and Atzmon ("Lullaby for Irena", "The ghosts within"), a couple of new versions of songs from older Wyatt albums ("Where are they now" and "Maryan"), Chic´s "At last I am free" (sung by Wyatt  in the 80s too) and standards like "In a sentimental mood", "Lush life", "Round midnight" and (yes, it´s true) "What a wonderfull world"!
Wyatt´s voice (enough said!), Atzmon´s strong alto and clarinet and Stephen´s (not too sweet) strings make this a wonderful album. Sometimes here I feel like I´m in a black & white movie soundtrack, but today´s realities shine through still. "Where are they now?" even got some Palestinian rap.

On "Round Midnight" and "In a sentimental mood" Robert Wyatt is just whistling and humming, and Tali Atzmon sings on the title track. She also uploaded some photos from the recordings on Flickr and filmed the DVD you get if you buy the limited special edition of the CD. (That´s what I believe at least, I´m waiting for my copy from Amazon).

The strings are handled by The Sigamos String Quartet, and Alfreda Benge made the cover illustrations, nice as always.

Come on, buy the CD, the limited edition CD with DVD, LP or mp3.

"...For The Ghosts Within will act like a foot spa upon your soul". (Record Collector).

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Larry said...

I'm enjoying the heck outta this album right now.