Saturday, October 23, 2010

Svarte Greiner at Ekko

I decided to visit the  Ekko festival once more this week, this time to hear  Svarte Greiner (Erik Skodvin).
After some DJing (that´s what it´s called, isn´t it?) Svarte Greiner enters the stage. It´s pretty dark in here, and packed with kids half my age. The room gets a bit too smoky, and the music starts. Skodvin is turning knobs and pressing pedals (I´m guessing here, it was hard to see from my position) and playng guitar with a bow. The concert is following a well known scheme, starting quietly before going into more hot and dramatic landscapes, and then slowly cooling down.  It´s over in less than half an hour, nothing is being said, and all is very well!

I seldom think concerts are too short, but (for me at least) this one could have lasted a bit longer.
The kids were waiting for  more and wilder stuff, but I sneaked out while Kim Hiorthøy was pumping out heavy electronica, like a wild man.

I was hoping Skodvin would sell his fresh album "Flare" released by Sonic Pieces, but he might not work as a salesman while touring, like lots of artists do.  More information, and other records to be found, over at  Miasmah.

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