Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blow Out

KEN VANDERMARK AND PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE DUO / CONTROL #1 from jadd association on Vimeo.

Some days ago I had a post on autumn festivals to look out for in Norway, and forgot Oslo's  Blow Out festival (17 - 20 August). Several of this blog's regular visitors are present, like Ken Vandermark, Paal Nilssen-Love, Lasse Marhaug and Sidsel Endresen, and there are lots of other great musicians too! Check out the Swedish singer Sofia Jernberg if you can. I heard her with Lene Grenager in Bergen last autumn. What a great voice!
The illustrating videos today show Ken Vandermark in two sax-drum-duos. Vandermark with Paal Nilssen-Love in the spring of 2010 and with Tim Daisy this summer.

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