Friday, August 19, 2011

Radio Has No Future

In 2009 i tried to get Lord Kelvins "Dances in the smoke" shortlisted for the the best thermodynamic release of the year. Finally the young physics students Eirik Hegdal (saxophones, clarinet), Erik Johannessen (trombone) and Gard Nilssen (drums, vibraphone) have finished their new project called "Radio Has No Future" (Gigafon 2011), with their own compositions and receiving best grades again. Cool arrangements, varied music that you may just enjoy or even tap your right foot to, and nice titles again!

How about "Magnetoresistance", "The Transatlantic Cable", "Molecular Dynamics" and "December 17th 1907"? Now do your homework and read the Wikipedia article on Lord Kelvin (William Thomson) and see if you can recognise more titles there, although I'm quite sure Hegdal, Johannessen and Nilssen have read the collected works of (and on) Lord Kelvin.

Cover by Rune Nergaard.

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